Undefeated poker rival

The progress and capabilities of modern computer technology open up new horizons for professional programmers. Many years ago, software developers first proposed to world chess champions to fight in an equal battle with a computer on a chessboard. The success of the digital chess player was obvious. The Deep Blue program ultimately lost the match against Garry Kasparov with a score of 4: 2, but the level of artificial intelligence was appreciated by the audience.

A group of Canadian scientists, inspired by the achievements of the developers of the Deep Blue program, began to develop a unique program for playing poker. A week ago, when software development became public, its developers said that it’s not realistic to beat a digital opponent in poker.

Scientists claim that the sophisticated calculation and analysis algorithms that they provided with their program will leave no chance for real rivals.

The developers explain that the mathematical model of the game is completely subject to the new program. Throughout the game, the computer holds the most optimal position in the situation. Among other things, the psychological factor, which often leads players astray, has no effect on the program. Attempts to bluff, on the part of the opponent, absolutely do not affect the solution of the task.

Complete indifference to the world and maximum autonomy, gives the computer an obvious superiority in the game. In addition to all of the above, it should be remembered that the computer all the time solves the same problem, which again, distinguishes it from the players tortured by everyday problems.

Since the launch and testing of the program, the poker “genius”, around the clock, for two months, has been uninterruptedly playing in the 24th hands, and the duration of one game, on average, was 1 second. This gave developers the right to declare that the program probably played poker more than all poker adherents combined throughout their gambling career.

“We are more than confident that the program can bankrupt any best player,” said Michael Bowling, the initiator of the idea. – “Until now, poker has been an insoluble task for artificial intelligence, but now, thanks to the use of powerful computers with high computing ability and a set of correct algorithms, we have managed to create an invincible player for Texas Hold’em.”

Returning to the origins, namely the first software developments, to solve such problems, it can be noted that the first digital rivals felt great only in “Perfect-information games”, where the computer and the person knew everything that happened in the game before the need arose decision making.

In the case of poker, on the contrary, players do not know which cards the opponent has and this detail, until the last moment, was a stumbling block for programmers. The ability to analyze and calculate probabilities has helped modern development to bring the victory rate to 99%.

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